2018 World Club Championship

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What Players and Dignitaries Say

The Championship speaks to the integrity of the game. It's truly something special.

David Clarke, Editor, GOLF Magazine

Great courses, great competition, great friendships and great traditions…the WCC is a fantastic event that combines everything that is special about the game of golf!

Mark Sear, Los Angeles Country Club, USA

To compete for your club and country is an experience I never dreamed of.

Richard Macafee, 2004 Champion, Kingston Heath GC, Australia

The World Club Championship is truly a unique event not found anywhere else. Amateur golfers are treated like tour professionals for a week. We play against outstanding competition at a world-class facility and make friendships all over the world. It is certainly a privilege to be a part of it.

Scott Mabrey, Club Champion, Southern Hills, USA

I have participated in many tournaments all over the world, Mexico, USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia and Asia and the WCC is at the top of my list. The quality of the operation is flawless and first class.

Enrique Guzman, Club Champion, Diamante, Mexico

The Championship is destined to take its place as one of the greatest amateur events in the history of the game.

Dr. George Taggart, Club Champion, Royal St. George's GC, England

The World Club Championship is without peer and has to be the best amateur event for club golfers. The opportunity to represent one’s club and country at such a distinguished level and to share the experience that is the World Club Championship is a truly special one.

Paul Little, Club Champion, Royal Melboure Golf Club, Australia

There is no other amateur event in the world like the WCC. Everyone involved with this event is committed to making this a world class event, which it truly is.

Randy Haag, Club Champion, Olympic Club, USA

This is the best event I've participated in my lifetime.

Ron White, Club Champion, St. George's GC, Canada

This tournament has given a big future to amateur golf. Golf is the real winner.

John Davies, Valderrama GC (Spain) and Four-time Walker Cup Player

Simply the best amateur tournament in the World. Nothing compares to the organization, competition and the experience of the World Club Championship. I am sure it will remain as long as the game of golf is played.

Tommy Stephens, Club Champion, Royal Melbourne, Australia

The concept of the event is truly wonderful. It should be known around the world.

Jaime Patino, Founder Valderrama GC, Spain

Everything is first class… In my 25 years of competitive golf, this event was the best I have ever participated in.

Ric Baird, Club Champion, Muirfield Village, USA

I've played Canadian amateurs, but none of them are put together quite at this level.

Stephen Dimen, Hamilton G & CC, Canada

The experience as a whole can only be described as 'once in a lifetime'. By far the best amateur event I have ever being lucky enough to play in. The WCC will always be referred to as the pinnacle for any club golfer. Thank you so much for providing such a tremendous event, truly world class.

Jamie Farmer, Club Champion, St. Andrews Golf Club, Scotland

They've set the bar for amateur events from top to bottom.

Michael Rowley, Los Angeles CC, USA

The best amateur event I have ever played, truly special and with great camaraderie’s. Feels like being on Tour for a week. Everything is just top class!!

Pierre-Alexis Rolland, Club Champion, Oitovas Dunes, Portugal

USGA does a great job. This is better.

Joseph Fairey III, Sage Valley GC, USA

Being a part of the World Club Championship, is definitely the highlight of my amateur golfing career!

James Buzzard, Club Champion, Durban Country Club, South Africa

If you get to come back here, you're lucky.

Michael Doetsch, Winged Foot GC, USA