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Day One of the World Club Championship at Diamante

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (October 29, 2012) - The 2012 World Club Championship officially begins competition at Diamante, Cabo San Lucas Mexico on Wednesday, October 31st. In preparation, 20 teams from 14 countries arrived at Diamante over the weekend and began getting acclimated. For some players in the USA, the trip was a few hours but for others from South Africa, Asia and Australia it took more than a day door-to-door. Everyone arrived on schedule and no one lost their luggage, so the mood is upbeat and all the players are meeting each other.

Patrons also arrived from all over the world including India, Australia and Korea. Many have attended past World Club Championships so it becomes a reunion of old friends and a time to make new friends.

Today marked the beginning of the tournament week and the day was highlighted with a tournament with Diamante members, Patrons and WCC teams. It was the first chance for the players to play Diamante and the comments ranged from "amazing" to "it's a challenge" to "great design" to "the views are spectacular" to simply "wow!"

The tournament was relaxed but a couple of Diamante members brought up other kinds of competition. Dr. Edgar Rivera and his wife Judy who is the Club Champion have an on-going dispute with Dr. John Jaski of who was Diamante's very first member. It was suggested that they should flip a coin, but that idea was rejected.

Meanwhile, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day with weather in the 80's and relatively low humidity.

In first place, the luck of the draw put together the OItavos Dunes team from Portugal and the Riviera team from Los Angeles and they shot an 11 under. In second place, the Pine Valley team from the USA teamed with the newest WCC Committee member Gordon Dalgleish and the Rules Chairman David Bonsall for an 8 under. In third place, Patron Marvin French and Baja State Congressman Alberto Trevino teamed with the Durban players from South Africa for a 5 under.

Other dignitaries that played were Admiral Solano and local Immigration Director Richardo Adame.

A Fiesta celebration dinner followed the outing with a taste of Cabo held at the newly opened Dunes Residence Club House. All enjoyed a festive time and hospitality from Diamante Founder Ken Jowdy.

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