2018 World Club Championship

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Day Three Roundup: Opening Ceremony and First Round

May 18, 2011

Jeju, South Korea – Day three was very full beginning with a players meeting at 9:15 a.m. where they learned all the local rules of play. The World Club Championship is very conscientious about following the guidelines set by the R& A and USGA and have an experienced rules and referee committee.

From 10am - 11:15am the Opening Ceremony was held out on the course. Speeches of welcome were given by WCC Founder David V. Smith, the Jeju Island Governor, Jay Lee who is the Founding Patron of the WCC and owner of both host Korean Nine Bridges Clubs, Joe Passov of GOLF Magazine who is Chairman of the Top 100 Courses in the World and the rest of the WCC Committee. Players received the lady with water hurbuk* which is a traditional water jar which is used by women in Jeju Island to carry water. Players and caddies greeted each other for the first time. Entertainment was provided from the Jeju provincial art troupe who performed traditional group dancing along with a percussion band.

Following the Opening Ceremony and then lunch, play began with yet another ceremony by the band. Jay Lee hit the first ball which sparked into colored flames. His son who is heir apparent to his father's businesses hit the 2nd exploding shot. Defending Champions Los Angeles Country Club's Jerry Chang and John McClure stepped up to the tee box and a hush settled over the surrounding crowd of other players, dignitaries and guests. For the rest of the day there was serious competition with a better two-ball stroke play.

Today, the round was delayed because of strong wind. The last team, Pine Valley and Morfontaine GC, couldn't finish the 18th hole. They will finish the last of the 1st round tomorrow before the 2nd round starts. The best score was 63 or 9 under from Durban GC. Most of teams were under par score but tomorrow is another day and a whole new set of players may emerge.

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